I’ve been busy today fitting, backing-up and restoring a whole bunch of new hard disks. I fitted the 2x2Tb Hitachi drives, which turned out to be SATA 6Gbps 64Mb cache 7200rpm Hitachi 7K3000 drives, not 7K2000’s (3Gbps/32mb) that I expected, and they’re selling for way over twice what I paid for them! What a waste putting those in a USB2 enclosure, mind you they did come out of the enclosure pretty easily 😉

I also fitted the hotswap dock thing, which came in handy restoring my 1Tb WDC to my 2Tb Hitachi, and backing that up to my replacement 2Tb WDC! Its a bit stiff getting the drives in, and getting them out seems even worse.

Seeing 7.5Tb capacity in Disk Usage was quite surreal! I’ve run out of SATA connectors now as one is dedicated to eSATA (with another 1Tb hanging off it!) Next I’ve got to replace the old 250Gb HDD with a new 96Gb SSD and fit the new PSU, but I’ll leave that until all the disk syncing is done.