Since Xmas I’ve been busy hacking away at things. I tried to install Ubuntu on my Mac Mini and ended up screwing up the EFI pretty royally to the point where I had to remove rEFInd (which didn’t work well anyway), repartition the drive, reinstall OSX, update, and fix things like a randomly disappearing RecoveryHD partition and OSX installing an old version of Safari 5.1 instead of the current 6.1, and then never updating it. The fix for that was to delete it and then Software Update can see the new one is available:

sudo rm -rf /System/Library/StagedFrameworks/Safari/WebKit.framework

Also it seems you have to use special Mac alternate versions of the Ubuntu DVD’s as it seems the Mac’s EFI (BIOS thingy) can’t read Joliet discs, and the bootloader is 32-bit despite the kernel being 64-bit.

Next I noticed that somehow my Raspberry Pi’s weather database had a bunch of duplicate entries in it, despite me creating the database with a unique constraint on the timestamp column and a Python exception to catch it and rollback. I’m also not sure how duplicate entries happened even without the constraint, unless I had manually run the script at the same time as cron did or something odd…. So I had to go through removing the duplicates:

SELECT id,date(*) FROM rf24weather GROUP BY id HAVING count(*) > 1;

And add the unique index back:

CREATE UNIQUE INDEX date on rf24weather(date);

They weren’t tweeted as Twitter doesn’t allow duplicate posts.

I’ve also been working with the Debian package maintainers to get arduino-mk updated in their Git repo, and have also built a SPEC file to make Fedora RPM’s, which are stored here for F18 and F20 alongside my Jessie debs.

Finally, I’ve updated this blog to WordPress 3.8, time for a good sleep now!