Been a while since I did some shopping and year end is approaching, why give it all to the taxman?

So I’m purchasing some more nRF24L01+ kit, I’m going to make a bunch of RF24Network devices to dot around – some inside with 5v mains power and new temperature sensors and some outside with larger antenna’s. I was going to buy some SI24R01’s which are supposed to be more powerful Taiwanese ripoffs of the nRF24L01+, but I couldn’t get the pricepoint.

I’ve also bought some PoE kit in case I ever feel like putting a RPi or IPcam in the shed or somewhere there’s no mains power or ethernet coverage.

I’m getting a bit fed up of pulling chips off of veroboard sockets and putting them in some breadboard to reprogram them, so I’ve bought a ZIF socket and another USBASP cable adaptor to make a kind of USBASP breakout board for those circuits where I’ve not added a 6-pin ICSP header. I’ll add a couple of female headers to put a crystal in too.

I’ve also fixed the reset issues in arduino-mk 1.3.3 and even started on a 1.5 branch.