I seem to have a lot of electronics projects on the go which I’ve not got around to finishing. Just thought I’d make a post to help me remember my plans.

Internet radio – need to finish the box. Also need to change the code to account for the new 20×4 LCD, maybe with custom play/pause characters. Maybe scrolling tweets or displaying the temperature from the weather station project or an internet API. Also need to look into storing the MP3’s on the SDcard rather than NFS. Could be an alarm clock.

Weather stations – need to look into increasing the range maybe by reducing the transmission size. Can’t seem to do wake-on-signal so can’t get the Pi to poll the Arduino’s. Need to solder together the battery cell model. Make a more permanent antenna connector for the RPi with shorter cables. Look into adding smoothing caps across VCC/GND. Possibly look into readonly rootfs posting to a database on the fileserver using MySQL/Postgres over the network, or maybe just moving the SQLite routines into the C++ program.

Motion tracking camera – need to build the servo’s and look at using the ServoBlaster library. Maybe using OpenCV for facial recognition rather than Motion.

Mood lamp 2 – need to look into powering the Spark from one of the buck regulators I bought as PSU for LED’s will be 12v not 3.3v. Will it respond to tweets or temperature from a BMP180? Motion activated using PIR? As Twitter will always need the Pi as a proxy, perhaps I could use an Arduino with nRF24L01+ rather than the Spark – it only needs to send a 0/1 and maybe RGB value.

XBMC Boblight – probably need to invest in some WS2812 5v LED strips to go with my Pro Micro and FastLED library perhaps.

USBASP upgrade – if my second USBASP ever arrives, I’m going to upgrade the firmware on it using my other one and the instructions here and here. That will get rid of the “avrdude: warning: cannot set sck period. please check for usbasp firmware update” message and also enable faster flashing.