Well I’ve converted my blog from wordpress to static, so no more mysql/php on this server, just markdown.

I must get around to adding some new content, not actually posted for over 2 years!

I’ve been doing lots of stuff with QEMU/KVM and even some ESXi (yuk!) and not using VirtualBox anymore. See my github for various libvirt scripts including VFIO with macOS/Win10, AutoYast with SUSE, kickstart for RedHat, preseed for Debian, virt-builder for Fedora, nested ESXi; and also how to configure your host.

I’m learning Fusion360 during the Coronavirus lockdown, wow what an awful UI that has - wouldn’t be so bad if it would stop changing massively. I’ve been using this series of videos which are pretty good, although suffer from the changing UI problem. Its only taken me about a week to get to day 19 though!