I just bought a gigabyte of RAM for my laptop from Crucial, so I can run VMWare with some performance! I think I’ve sold my old 2x256Mb for half the price of my new 2x512Mb to a guy at work….

I’ll be getting my RAM tomorrow, bloody good to get free next day delivery! I’m terribly irritated by the Crucial banner ads you see all over the web, but you can’t beat their prices! Gonna take the laptop in and fit the RAM at work, that way I can test it a bit before selling my old stuff.

Kev’s Ebuyer stuff will be arriving too. I’m all packed ready to go to Kev’s. GPS, mobile and headset are all charged, just gotta get rent and petrol tomorrow.

I’m currently downloading a backup of my webserver, as well as Windows 2003 SP1, Virtual Server 2005 R2 and Sharepoint Services SP2, but my ISP is being crap and the downloads keep hanging, so I’m using CuteFTP as it can resume sftp connections as well as http downloads. Not sure you can resume sftp on Linux (wget or curl will resume http). Of course that does mean I have to try to get to sleep with my Windows box on (noisey fans!)

We should be installing a virtualised Win2003/SQL Server/SharePoint setup at work tomorrow, running on VMWare GSX.