I installed my 1Gb RAM onto my laptop, it has about 512Mb free when running Linux, firing up VMWare takes that to more like 20Mb! Looks like the stingy Celt I was going to sell my old RAM to has backed out, he only wants half of it now and wants to pay less than half the price!

I found that if you’re not connected to a network (i.e. ethernet cable into a switch) your VMWare guest can’t connect to the host and vice versa. So now I’ve setup VMWare to bridge my wireless card, as the ethernet is not always up. I guess if you’re not net-connected you shoud use host-only networking, but that means reconfiguring routes and interfaces when you want to switch to being on a network again.

I wrote a Perl script at work today to add up the file sizes of all files on our 450Gb fileserver that have been accessed this year. It ran out of memory spidering a 15,000+ file directory, so I think I’m going to have to do some horrible infile/outfile thing rather than an in-memory array.

Urgh, just having to download 100Mb of FC5 updates on each machine again, I can’t be bothered with rsync’ing a local mirror though as it never really worked reliably with FC4 and YUM seems to be even less reliable in FC5.