I’m back from my weekend at Kev’s. We got his PC and router working, although it seems one of the OCZ memory modules is iffy, which is odd for OCZ. We went to a lovely pizzeria, played some Xbox, had a few drinks whilst watching Dr.Who and Eurovision – I thought it would be between the UK and Sweden, but Finland winning was a complete surprise. We had some lovely shish kebabs and bhaji’s too.

I’ve just watched three episodes of Lost season 2, and it looks like I may have to watch one more to find out if someone dies. Nice to see Adebisi is working again after Oz. I’ve got a feeling the whole island is an experiment or reality TV thing, like a cross between Cube and The Truman Show. I think “The Others” are military.

It’s been raining since Friday at least, although it seems to have let up a bit tonight, I think Gloucester had less rain than Croydon by the looks of it.