I’ve spent all day at work installing Windows 2003 Server Standard SP1. I’ve done one on the hardware and 2 under Virtual Server 2005 R2, which I must say is an absolute joke compared to VMWare – it’s slow (on a 4Gb dual-core Opteron 2.6GHz with RAID0+1 SCSI-320), has no accelerated graphics and uses some crappy ActiveX interface, which uses non-standard widgets and even window furniture – I guess that comes from being an old MacOS app. No wonder MS decided to give it away!

I should be installing SQL Server 2005 and SharePoint Portal 2003 tomorrow when we get AD setup.

I have also been trying to compile MySQL 5.0.21 (worked), Apache 2.2.2 (worked) and PHP 5.1.4 (some kind of XML library error) on Solaris 9, as I want to brush up on my PHP.