I’m back from Brighton, only took about 2h15m on the way back, thanks to some idiot truck driver it took 6 hours on the way there – they shut five junctions on the M25 and redirected traffic through Kingston on the M3/A3. I got to Nanny’s at 8:30pm, having left work at 2:30pm!

Saturday I took Nanny & Joyce for a drive down to Lewes where we sat by the river, walked through the old town and went to a nice little pub which was supplied by the brewery next door. We then had cod’n’chips on the way home and watched the football. This morning we had roast beef down the football stadium. Joyce gave me a load of stuff for my house – trays, mug tree, teapots and a load of DVD’s and books for Mum, I found a couple of books too.

I went to Brantano to find some shoes but all the 12-13’s were boots or plastic crap. I’ll have another look at the one up here next weekend, I’ll have to get something as my trainers have split in half on the left sole!

It was 31c in Brighton yesterday, probably a degree or two cooler today, back in Gloucester it’s quite cooler, mid-20’s I’d say. Luckily we managed to avoid the naked cycle race that was going on in Brighton and causing a lot of traffic going towards the seafront. It’s the London-Brighton bike race next week.

I’m starting to fret about how I’m going to get all my stuff in the car back to France. I’m supposed to be bringing back another PC and LCD for the plumber too!

The Parsons have gone to La Rochelle for the week and Dad has finished my bathroom.

I got an Email saying my hard disk is being replaced by Scan, I should get it Monday/Tuesday I expect.