My blog got comment-spammed, so I’ve locked it down now, you have to have a previously accepted comment and be signed-in to comment now. It did mean deleting the legitimate comments, but there have only been two or three so far anyway.

My ADSL is going incredibly slow.

I was quite busy at work today, writing a Korne shell script to make administering the MySQL database a bit easier, I even added a couple of new features to the CMS that were requested before we go into final testing.

I’m trying to get Scan to send me a WD2500KS instead of a WD2000JS as a replacement for my hard disk, as when I phoned earlier they were out of stock of the 200Gb. I just got an Email saying that it had been shipped, but it doesn’t say which model, I’ve noticed that the website now says the 200Gb is back in stock, so I expect that’s what I got 🙁 I’ll find out tomorrow…..