I went to B&Q and Homebase to get a lightswitch for my new bathroom. I got a nice chrome rose bit and a blue/chrome handle that is a lightbulb, it’s lovely! They had chrome “teardrop” handles, but they were so heavy (looked like a fishing lure!) that if you swang the cord a bit too much you’d end up smashing the shower!

Work’s starting to shit themselves a bit, we’re trying to organise a backup server (probably rebuild the old development UltraSparc with Perl, Bind and Apache), I’m going to have to [re]write a monitoring script, and they’re going to have to do the release without me in a couple of weeks time, which means I’ve got to explain to them how to do all the little hacks I have to do to migrate from the old servers to the new servers without a proper staging environment.

10 days to go now! I was thinking of getting the 9pm ferry on Friday, but it’s 60-odd quid to change the ticket, so I might just take my time motoring down on Friday night and sleep at Dover port until my ferry at 7am.

I added a search widget to this blog, it searches the articles and comments.