I waited for the ebuyer sale to put my order through, and it turned out to be crap, just a few 2nd-hand monitors! So it meant that I had to pay more shipping to get my goods to me before I leave the country. Then about an hour after I ordered the stuff ebuyer said that there may be shipping delays! So I phoned them up and apparently, even though you select your shipping method by delivery date, they cannot guarantee that delivery date – so why bother with couriers?

The rep seemed quite confident it would get to me by the 29th as they have plenty of stock of the items I bought (although the SD cards look like they’re now out of stock!) and I did order it 8 days in advance, I guess if it doesn’t I’ll have to redirect it to Phil or hope it gets to me by the 30th.

I’ve got some new maps for my GPS – Destinator PN Q3 2005, so when my order comes from ebuyer, I shall put some maps on the 1Gb SD card to test they work – I’m not touching my 2Gb SD card until I get to France, as I don’t want to risk not being able to use the GPS, I left my 256Mb card in France. My Destinator SP/DN maps are Q4 2004 I think.

I got a second keyboard from ebuyer as my shipping surcharge was 1.50ukp and adding another 3ukp keyboard removed the surcharge, so effectively the 2nd keyboard cost 1.50ukp. I also got some CAT6 ethernet cable for 2ukp per 15m, so I will be wiring my house for gigabit ethernet when I get to France (I’ve already got an 8-port GbE switch and a load of RTL8169 and e1000 NICs).

My manager told me that the big boss was ready to sign a 3 month extension for me at work, I told him that I needed a couple of months break, so don’t want an extension (unless they can wait until October!)

I’ve fixed a couple more little bugs that have turned up in the testing today at work. I’m going to train my co-workers tomorrow on things like using CVS – although I’ve made sure that the rollout procedure is all automated and documented and there’s scripts in place for doing things like stopping Apache and restarting the MySQL.

I got the 512Mb RAM stick from Kev today, so Solo now has 1.5Gb of RAM!

It’s quite a lot cooler here today, it’s supposed to be as low as 16c on Friday, I’ve actually closed all my windows and put trousers on today (instead of shorts I mean, not naked!)