Been busy packing tonight, my room looks pretty bare now. I should get everything in the car no problem, I might do a mock pack this weekend to make sure.

I’ve essentially packed everything except for one PC (gotta download some MP3’s off the laptop onto the PC and then I can pack it) and my clothes, which I think will mostly go in the suitcase. I’ve got a load of old towels and stuff to use to pad things out (like making sure the paint doesn’t move around) and to cover stuff up in the car.

I’ll pack the laptop last, although I might not have internet access towards the end of next week as I have to pack my wireless router and get the landlady’s USB modem working again, plus she’s getting her ADSL upgraded. I can check my Email at work anyway.

I’m going to go to ASDA and get the shopping done Tuesday/Wednesday night, I already got a couple of Colman’s mustards today from Sainsburys, I can’t really think of anything else I’ll miss that will keep – gotta get 3 houses worth of cheddar, might look out for some of those smoked hams…..

I’m going to make a load of sandwiches for the trip and get some Irn-Bru or Redbull to drink and keep me awake. I can’t find the car adaptor for my mini fridge, I think I must have left it in France, although the fridge is too small to be much use anyway, and I’ll need the cigarette socket for my GPS.

I might go to Marks & Spencers tomorrow to get some more pants, and maybe have another look at Brantano for shoes.

Work’s been pretty productive the last couple of days, I’ve been showing the Team Leader how to use CVS and he’s gone crazy about it, he’s been doing lots of design stuff too, which will make the functional changes I’ve made to the intranet more visible to the end user. I’ve been preparing rollouts of other applications too and informing my colleagues how to do it when I’m gone – as bureaucracy means that most of my work won’t go into production until about two weeks after I leave!

I’ll probably treat a few people at work to breakfast on my last day, as the Team Leader and I will be leaving early and won’t want to drink, so breakfast sounds goods better than the pub.