I’ve packed my clothes and bought some shoes – a pair of cheap trainers and a nice pair of steel-toecapped shoes, which are not too booty but actually quite tidy.

I can’t find a freezer bag anywhere, or those blue things you put in the freezer, not in Sainsburys, Co-Op or Tesco!

My ebuyer stuff is on it’s way, so will get to me tomorrow via Citylink. I shall pack the car tomorrow night, I’ve got to check the oil/water/air as well when I get petrol.

I’ve had 8 blog-spam comments since turning on non-registered comments yesterday, Akismet has caught them all though.

I got contacted about a job working for an online gambling website today, didn’t go for it though, it was 4-6 weeks in London starting Monday, writing a GeoIP/Apache module in C. We’re going to the pub tomorrow lunchtime at work.