Got up early this morning to go to Argenton to get my replacement router. It is now working, including the wireless. The configuration is a bit oldschool – you have to go to the Free website to configure NAT/WiFi on the router as the router doesn’t have it’s own web interface, or DNS server for that matter. The portable phones that Pip gave me are plugged in and working, as is the blue phone that M&D gave me on the France Telecom line downstairs.

We then went Chateauroux today to get me a new car battery (69e) as one of the cells in mine has corroded and shorted – it now reads 9v instead of 12v! We stopped off at Flunch, Dad and I had Steak Hache and Mum had half a chicken. We also popped to Lidl to get some wine and beer 😉

Then we went to the garage near M&D to get this clutch fluid leak looked at and it’s going to be 135e to replace the slave cylinder, bleed/fill the system etc; and it can only be done 9am Thursday that kev & Carly are arriving at 13:00. So either it’s done by midday (which it should be if I leave the car there on Wednesday night apparently) and I’ll be able to get them, or I’ll have to drive Dad’s car to Limoges airport.

Right, I’m off to play some Xbox….