I’ve just wasted something like 3 hours playing Halo on the Xbox!

I went over to see Mum earlier today and fixed her washing line for her and we watched a video. Dad had gone to Chateauroux with my uncle to get fencing to stop Barney getting out and flirting with the filthy bitches who live next door. At this point I feel I must point out that Barney and the bitches are canines!

I was gossiping with a bloke from down the road, and apparently the artist guy from down the road was beating the dust off a rug in the buff in the garden the other day! I thought he was a little eccentric…. Apparently the woman from nextdoor-but-one will be over later this month.

I phoned Kev’n’Carly, I’ve got to look at the state of my fishing rods which I think are over Dad’s, also not sure if I have an iron, let alone a board! Carly is a vegetarian, but not a vegan, so she eats fish and dairy so she won’t starve, although France does seem to have quit a hummus movement, ahem.

Weather’s been a bit funny tonight, I think it rained for a bit, it’s been overcast most of the day 🙁