Its been a while since my last entry. My guests have left and the folks/Pip are in England, so I’ve been cleaning the house and looking after two sets of dogs.

I’m getting a bit fed up as my house seems to be falling apart – the bath is leaking and we have to take a false wall down to fix it, the freezer door broke off, Mum thought the washing machine was broken but it seems OK now, I thought the sewers were backed up again, but it turned out to be mouldy goats cheese stinking in the fridge, my sink got blocked up with scrambled egg, so I had to get a load of bleach down there, and Kev bust a lamp – so that’s the third lamp now!

I’m off to Les & Wendy’s for dinner later, so that will be nice. I popped in on Jean & Ray yesterday after feeding Turbo, which Fred & Barney enjoyed. The dogs have been driving me mad over my house so today I’ve left them at Mum’s.