I found that the Xbox filesystem has a 42 character limit, the stupid thing is that it will abort an FTP transaction because of it. So I think I’ll have to get a wireless gaming adaptor for it and stream MP3’s via NFS/Samba from the fileserver to XBMC. Which is probably best anyway as I must have 150Gb of MP3’s by now – more than the 80Gb HDD in the Xbox.

So I’m going to build the fileserver when Pip brings the 80Gb IDE over from Phil’s, to add to the 2x250Gb SATAs and the 80Gb FireWire, I can’t be bothered to wait for FC6/CentOS5.

I could do with a phono (RCA) audio switchbox like this one too, so I can switch between the Sky box and the Xbox outputting to the HiFi.

I swapped the OCZ RAM from Goliath into Solo, so now Solo has 3x 512Mb OCZ instead of a mixture of Samsung, Kingston and OCZ, as I think that’s why it’s been freezing a bit.

With the bathroom problems leading to my bedroom redesign, I think I’ll make the middle bedroom into a computer room to free up the space in my bedroom that the fileserver is taking up, and put the wardrobe there instead.

My web hosts are going to migrate me from a Virtuozzo server to a Xen one instead as I’ve been having weird performance issues. I might try installing Xen on Solo, although I’m not sure how the xen0 kernel will behave with VMWare on the same machine….