I’ve been applying for more jobs today.

IronPython 1.0 got released, apparently VS2005 integration is not complete, i.e. you cannot use the GUI builder to make Windows.Forms applications, you have to hand code everything. Might as well just stick to CPython/Qt then!

I’ve just been playing with MonoDevelop as I was going to write an FTP client in C# that would do auto filename truncation for the Xbox, but it turns out that Mono doesn’t support FTP transactions, so must still be targetted at .NET 1.1 instead of 2.0

The below code compiles to a 3K binary, and basically will fetch a web page and print it to STDOUT:

using System; // for writeline
using System.Net; // for webclient
using System.IO; // for stream

namespace FTPclient
	class MainClass
		public static void Main(string[] args)
			// create a webclient object for ftp request
			WebClient request = new WebClient();

			// read back data stream. print to stdout
			Stream data = request.OpenRead (args[0]);
			StreamReader reader = new StreamReader (data);
			string s = reader.ReadToEnd ();
			Console.WriteLine (s);
			data.Close ();
			reader.Close ();