I had Pip and Jacques over today for lunch, I did lardon salad, smoked salmon carbenara, and finished off with some of Mum’s blackberry and apple tart and icecream. It was very nice, Jacques didn’t seem keen though.

Mum got me some new phones for my FreeADSL, Pip got them working with me today, so I’ve got five phones spread around the lounge, kitchen and my bedroom.

Dad painted the front door on the shell today, it looks lovely, and it turns out that the glass bit of the door can open seperately from the frame. We have to paint the other doors, and then maybe the shutters I sanded next.

I patched another hole in Dad’s pool today, but the water isn’t looking too healthy so he’s draining it, and we’re disassembling it tomorrow morning and will have to get a new liner, clean up the filter and maybe lay a concrete base.