I found out this morning that I didn’t get the Amsterdam job, in fact I saw it re-advertised before the agency even bothered to contact me! Apparently it was down to lack of financial experience, which seems like crap as that wasn’t in the job spec, and did it really take two interviews and three weeks for them to figure that out – did they not read my CV?!

Anyway, so hopefully off to Ipswich to work with Phil for 3 months, getting away from WebDev and into network security, although not heard from them yet either!

I did actually get an Email about a job I turned down a year ago, it’s available again at a better rate, but still not enough money or duration to make it worth living in Eindhoven.

So going to England will be handy as it’s less hassle with banks, I can charge VAT, I can get to France easily, see Marita/Kev, keep the cat, pay less tax, shop at ebuyer, tesco etc….!

We’re off to Pip’s tomorrow to stain her windows and dig up some trees. We’ve got to order another window when they’re in stock as we’ve replaced an old door with a window that we over-measured.