Just found that Lovefilm has merged with Screenselect, so the two best DVD rental companies in the UK are now one big company. So you get the speed and range of Lovefilm, plus the Xbox games and pr0n of Screenselect! I can see I’m going to need to buy some DVD-R’s and take my XBox and a computer with me to England.

Pip said that Tesco’s is right by work, so shopping won’t be a problem.

Mum & Pip want me to code up a bookshop, I looked at the carts installed on my webserver (which just got upgraded to CentOS 4.4 it seems….) ClickCartPro, osCommerce and AgoraCart, but the complicated part seems to be payment method – even PayPal is costly and complicated. I was thinking of coding something myself using TurboGears as a way of trying out the Python web framework, but can’t be bothered (the payment issue will still be a problem and it will require buying an SSL cert) so maybe a change from Web Development might be a good thing….

I just bought CloneDVD Mobile using the “cdfreaks” discount code, and thanks to the pathetic US Dollar, got it for 18ukp!

The new Google Code search has caused more of a stir than them buying YouTube for $1.65bn – for starters, the MS-DOS 6.0 sourcecode has been leaked!