Been a while since I posted. I’m now settled in the UK until late January at least. We’re trying to sort out getting home to France for Xmas – well getting back to the UK is going to be the problem really.

I’m renting a loft in Ipswich, very self-sufficient and the landlord is an Indian pyschologist, so easy enough to get on with, quiet and likes curries!

On the way to work this morning a woman in a huge 4×4 cut me up and hit my passenger wheel arch, not too much damage it seems, so hopefully we don’t have to get insurance involved, Phil can probably hammer the dent out for me, and her behemoth wasn’t damaged.

Work at BT is good, nice people in my team and Phil has been showing me a lot. At the moment I’m trying to get my security clearance info from BE, help Phil with encrypted volumes and write some compliance checks for Apache. Hopefully tomorrow I shall be learning how to security audit a Cisco switch.

I’ve been downloading so much stuff (I setup my ADSL wifi router here) that my laptop HDD is full so I’ve had to buy an LCD TV that is also a 19″ monitor so I can use my desktop PC to burn some DVD’s.

Might go to the real ale pub tomorrow at lunch, and venture into Ipswich town on Saturday.