Just been looking for a cheap hard drive for my Windows PC as it died the day before I left France, but I’ve decided to rehash the two PC’s at home instead.

The older 1.4GHz/512Mb box that is causing me grief getting the PVR250 working with it’s VIA chipset will get XP Pro SP2 with just the one 160Gb SATA drive, as I hardly ever use Windows these days. I’ll put that in the beige fulltower case.

Then the newer 2.4GHz/1Gb box will get Fedora6 installed (unless CentOS5 is out by then) with the 580Gb worth of disks in the silver midtower case. This will get the new 19″ LCD when I return to France, and I’ll probably switch the graphics cards too, so I can use DVI on both Linux boxes with both 19″ LCD’s, and the Windows box gets the old VGA connector.

I’ve got to get that wifi bridge for the Xbox next time I put an ebuyer order through.