Saturday I spent with Phil, we went to a computer fair and I got a lovely case to replace the huge one in France, it’s got two 120mm fans and the side and front are mesh, so excellent airflow.

We went to find some stuff at Halfords for Dad/Pip’s cars and went to PCWorld to get a U3 drive for me for work, then went to the pub for dinner to kill some time before the banger racing and fireworks.

We met one of the blokes from work at the banger racing but didn’t stay for the fireworks as we were dreading the hour or more it was likely to take to get out of the car park! The bangers were great, and there was even a bloke who jumped a Reliant Robin through nine caravans!

Afterwards I dropped Phil off at his rental farmhouse, which seems very large, but a bit grotty and back-of-beyond-ish.

This morning I went to Maplins and got the audio switch I was after – actually only a tenner, not fifteen it was online, and I got a wireless controller for the Xbox. I made the mistake of going to Tesco on Sunday, it was even more packed than usual.

I might be buying a VW Golf from my uncle’s brother.

Update: Just watched <a href"">Hollow Man 2, what a load of crap, nowhere near as good as HM1, and Christian Slater is in it for about 2mins!