Thank God the clocks went back this morning as I really didn’t want to get up at what I thought was 10am, but turned out to be 9am!

It’s a lovely day here weather-wise, I’ve been out exploring the local neighbourhood – I’ve found the postbox, which is very well hidden down by the sales office for the development, so now I will be able to send my LoveFilm DVD’s back. Apparently BT has a postoffice inside it somewhere too.

I’ve settled on the fact that the Tescos Express is my nearest “corner shop” – despite being almost a full-sized shop – for newspapers and 12p custard doughnuts 😉

I was tempted to go back to that restaurant for lunch today, but I expect Sundays are packed full of kids and churchgoers, so I’ve got some nice coleslaw for a sarnie instead. It’s weird how none of the pubs around here seem to do food.

I must look up some takeaways too, as I’ve only seen a very expensive Indian in town and no Chinese or kebab at all, there’s a pizza place nearby and apparently a chippy…..

I can’t wait for my monitor to arrive tomorrow (or I go an pick it up) as I have a couple of Xbox games to try out – in fact I must badger Phil about his. It will be nice to be able to watch some TV too.

I’ve been trying to arrange train/plane/bus trips for Xmas, not sure how I’m going to do it though, looks like New Years Day or Eve are the only options right now.

Update: I’ve rejigged my room a bit, now I’ve got the desk near the Sky/phone/power/aerial outlets, moved the router over there too so I can connect to it from my desktop PC using ethernet, I’ve got the Sky box plugged in ready for my TV to arrive, I can probably even plug the Xbox into the router/power/TV too. The printer’s plugged into the power/PC as well, so I’m all sorted as far as my techie stuff goes, and I’ve got a bit more space around the bed too. Dunno why it wasn’t setup like that before….

Right, I’m off to watch the first 3 episodes of Lost Season 3.