The ADSL is up to 7.3Mbps today, oh and it looks like TalkTalk give a 40GByte limit (up and down) not 40Gbit.

Bloody busy day at work today, we’ve been testing and writing-up like mad, still haven’t got the server setup though. I left tonight at just before 8pm, having got in at just after 8am. I went and picked up Pippa’s cellphone and found a good barber at lunch. I think the two of us who are in the office tomorrow will be having an easy breakfast before doing the most important job of the week – timesheets, expenses and invoices!

I found that ebuyer stock the Linksys WRT54GL (aka WRT54G v4) wireless router, cheaper even that ebay have the crappy WRT54GS (aka WRT54G v5) so have ordered one for my Xbox, as with the OpenWRT Linux-based firmware it does client/bridge mode.