I watched Be Cool last night, it was pretty good actually, lots of stars.

I sorted out bloody Nationwide this morning, they’d put my account on hold again because the mail bounced, so now they’ve finally got my new address right and the account should be back on Monday. Then I went and had my hair cut, 6.50ukp is pretty good.

Mum just phoned and we had a nice chat. They’ve been keeping busy, the cats are fine and Dad’s even done my loft door!

I’m not sure what to do about this Polo, it’s a 2001, but not sure if it’s 3 door or 5, I guess I’ll have to find a dealership and try one out, I’d much prefer a 5-door as I think the 3-door will be smaller than the Clio with almost not boot space. I must get Phil to give me a hand banging out the dent on the Clio when he gets back, as the bumper is scraping the tyre all the time now.

Right, I’m off to watch Lost Series 3 episode 6.

Update: just watched The Dark, what a load of crap – Sean Bean and the woman from Coyote Ugly returning from the dead in Wales!