I’ve wasted most of today installing Fedora Core 6 on my laptop!

The main reasons for upgrading fro FC5 to 6 are AIGLX desktop effects, rt2x00 wireless/NetworkManager and Xen3.

Well, none of those have actually worked – my Geforce 420Go doesn’t seem to like the new 9629 Nvidia drivers, so AIGLX won’t work – I only just managed to get 8776 to install after faking up a config.h; the Xen kernel seems to break everything – including compiling VMWare; and the rt2x00 drivers compile but don’t seem to work with NetworkManager, or system-config-network for that matter, and made reverting to rt2500 a bitch.

The only thing I’ve gained over FC5 is Gaim2 and a properly working Beagle; there’s a few things I’ve lost in fact – like Scribus, Nessus and Acrobat Reader, which aren’t in the repo’s yet (or are, but are on broken mirror so won’t even download!)