I got my Linksys WRT54GL working in bridged/client mode today, I installed the WhiteRussian RC6 OpenWRT firmware and it’s now connecting my laptop’s ethernet to my Netgear DG834Gv2 wirelessly, so I’ll be able to put my Xbox on the WLAN when I go home to France.

ebuyer are collecting the wrong DVD burner on Monday – I assume via CityLink, so I don’t have to pay any postage to get it replaced with the correct model. I went to Tesco to get some tape to pack the box with.

I got Doom3 and Halo2 for the Xbox yesterday, Halo2 is hard to get used to – you can use two guns at once, but it seems when you swap to the third gun you drop one, and you can’t use grenades whilst you have “dual mode” guns, plus the viewing angle is slightly different to Halo. Doom3 isn’t great.

Update: just watched Soul Searcher, which was an OK film about The Grim Reaper finding his replacement!