I’ve done all my Xmas shopping now – well, Dad’s I’ll get when I get back to France, and when Mum & Pip do the Tesco order.

I got Pippa a couple of things, and some more stuff for Mum & Phil, card for Nanny, red/gold/silver collars for the cats etc.

Ipswich was ridiculously busy for a Sunday. I had a wander around Wilko’s and got some stuff like earbuds, shower gel and tissues.

I then braved ASDA, which wasn’t too bad, although a lot further away than I thought, you can’t really even call it Ipswich! I got a few cans of beans+sausage, curry, tuna etc; plus some pies and stuff to warm in the microwave. I had to get a can-opener and Pyrex dish too, so they can go in my “contractor box”. They are a lot cheaper than Tesco’s I think, they seem to have more special offers.

Brandy is unwell apparently, I think Mum’s going to phone later with an update on his status 🙁

I think Phil, me and one of the guys from work may be going out for curry+pub later, although Sunday seems a funny night to get lashed….

I’m going to watch a DVD now as I seem to have a lot I haven’t watched yet.