I finally got around to fitting my NEC AD7173 DVD drive. I flashed it with the 1-2D firmware from Liggy and Dee and now it supports auto-bitsetting and is region-free. I tested it and a 16x DVD+R is now identified as a pressed DVD-ROM by the Xbox!

I went shoe shopping this morning, none of the stuff in the sales was work-dress, so ended up paying 32ukp for a pair that are OK. Did the Tesco’s run and had lunch out. I even popped to Lidl’s, but they didn’t have anything interesting.

I just watched Employee Of The Month, which was OK, but didn’t feature enough of Jessica Simpson’s boobs 😉 I might watch Rocky Balboa later.

Ooh I got paid for the week before Xmas, now just waiting on last week’s wages…..