I’ve 99% got my contract renewed, just waiting for the paperwork now, and then I’m in gainful employment until March 31st at least. I haven’t been paid for last week yet, and I just invoiced for this week!

Been doing some telephone calls at work today and updating some paperwork, quite busy for a testing-free day. I’ve got a cable to send to Phil tomorrow. I might be going to Guildford at the end of the month, so can pop and see Kev.

I did the Tesco’s run, and bought another 8-places of cutlery, as the last lot I bought was only 4-places. I discovered their new “Spirit Of Louisiana” which is a total rip-off of Southern Comfort, even down to the label, and it tastes identical, for half the price – about 8ukp for a 70cl bottle.

Had a nice chat with Pip, Mum & Dad earlier, and I talked to Phil at work today, so that’s nice.

I got Battlestar Galactica for the Xbox, but it’s not much good, the controls are too hard for a start.

Right I’m off to watch another episode of Charmed Season 6. I watched Stargate Atlantis series 3 episode 17 last night, but it wasn’t much good.