Been a pretty slow day today, I had a nice lie-in until about 11:30am, although I didn’t go to bed until about 2am….

I’ve done my washing and hoovered my room, been watching a bit of Charmed series 7 and a really crappy Steven Seagal movie.

I spoke to Kev, and he’s looking at buying a Joytech Control Centre 540C, which looks like a pretty nice audio/video/ethernet switch system. I was looking at the cheaper Control Centre 2, which has SCART instead of component, and only three ethernet ports, not six (I don’t need these as I have my wireless bridge with 5-ports). It would allow me to properly connect my video, XBox and Sky to my TV and HiFi.

I’ve not been paid for this week or last week’s work, which is annoying, I’ll look into it tomorrow when I should find out about my contract renewal too, it could just be my online banking being slow to display the transfers.

Update: I have just eaten what has to be the most vile substance on Earth – Tesco’s “beef and vegetable curry”, which is essentially 1/4 can of broth, 3/4 can of carrots and two pieces of an ingredient somewhat akin to meat. The same ingredients as their “chicken and vegetable curry” it seems.