I bought some electronics components from BitsBox today, as I’ve been wanting to get back into doing some electronics tinkering in my spare time. I got a starter kit with a huge selection of wire, capacitors, resistors, LED’s, IC’s etc. and I got some breadboard so that I don’t have to bother with soldering (my soldering iron is in France). I got some RS232 connectors too in case I make something to interface with a computer.

I phoned my agency and sorted out what’s happening with the pay I’m owed, both weeks will be paid tomorrow apparently. Pip also got my taxes sorted, so I know what I have to pay by March. I also received my contract extension paperwork, so it’s all go today!

Work’s a little boring as I’m doing documentation/research and a bit of programming, but I will be doing some testing on Wednesday and maybe even building a server for another team soon.

I downloaded FreeBSD 7 for Xbox, which should be interesting, I’ve just got to find a CD-R now. I also ordered a free Solaris 10 DVD pack from Sun.

Its Mum & Dad’s 36th anniversary tomorrow, apparently they received my card. I’ll give them a ring tomorrow night.