Been pretty busy today at work, had two lots of testing to do. I’ve still not been paid for the last two weeks which is pissing me off, but I expect it’s just not cleared the bank yet (was supposed to go via BACS yesterday morning). Timesheet day again tomorrow!

It looks like I’ll have to hire a car to go to Guildford as the company doesn’t seem to pay mileage, only hire car and petrol. So it means getting it Wednesday, using it Thursday and returning it Friday! Hopefully they’ll pickup/deliver it from work instead of me having to get a lift there at lunch or something stupid.

I got my electronics stuff today so will get around to making some circuits sometime, I’ve got to think of some ideas other than the usual flashing LED 555 astable circuit…..

Right I’m off to watch Stargate Atlantis series 3 episode 14.

Update: I’m off to Kev’s this Friday night as I can’t go straight from Guildford next week.