Here’s a life hint for you – when shopping for mouthwash, be sure not to get disenfectant instead!

I had a bit of an ulser in my mouth so thought I’d get some mouthwash to sooth it a bit, but was rushing around Tesco’s and just grabbed the green bottle in with the toothpaste and stuff without reading the label properly.

So last night I had a very painful mouth, as skin was flaking off my gums and lips, this morning it doesn’t hurt so much but is swollen so I can’t open my mouth very wide, and my lips look very dehydrated. The ulser is the least of my problems now!

So I’m trying to have some hot drinks to make the swelling go down and stop my mouth from healing shut.

Oh and as if that wasn’t bad enough I watched Munich, which has got to be the most boring film ever made, all 2.5 hours of it.

Update: feeling much better now, swelling is going down and it doesn’t hurt to open my mouth – and my ulcer seems to have almost gone too!