I’ve just burnt four DVD+R DL discs, the first one was a coaster, it seems NeroLinux is a bit crap, the other three were fine when I used k3b. They read OK on my BenQ and NEC drives, as well as the Xbox surprisingly – helped by the BitSetting no doubt. I shall try them on the laptops later.

I don’t think I’ll waste the 75p a throw discs on movies, but they’re very handy for backups when 4.3Gb really isn’t enough (DL provides just over 8Gb, 8.5Gb in theory, but that’s what they say about 4.7Gb SL’s….) BTW, they were Ricoh JPND01-002’s and burned at 8x on the NEC7173.

Work was a bit slow today, but we should have a fair bit of testing heading our way tomorrow and Friday.

Right I’m off for a quick game of Doom3 😉