Just watched Night At The Museum, which was pretty good, about a museum that comes alive at night.

I tried jellied eels yesterday, not as bad as I thought they would be, kind of like Sardines, the jelly was obviously horrible. I also tried squid in ink, which was very nasty, not like calamari at all.

I’ve almost finished Doom3, just got to kill the Cyberdemon.

Pippa got me a mood-cube clock, it lights up different colours and flashes through all twelve every hour, it’s weird it makes you smile every time it does that!

Update: changed this thread from being called “Sunday” as it was written on Saturday!

I’m looking through ebuyer at the moment as my Northbridge fan finally died – it’s split across the middle. So I’ve got to make up another 25ukp to get free shipping, which saves a fiver 😉

Going to watch Snakes On A Plane in a bit, which looks quite bad, probably a sequel to Anaconda or something….