I think I’m coming down with a cold, I’ve got a really peppery nose 🙁

Work was boring today as I was the only one in the office and had little to do, so I left a little early as I worked through lunch and was in before 8am due to there being no traffic (half term).

I put an ebuyer order through with Phil’s help to make it up to the free shipping. I’m getting fed up of ebuyer’s stock crap – I ordered three really cheap SATA cables to find that they only had two in stock, so removed one from the order, then it turned out they only had one, then none. If they are out of stock it should just say and not let you order any, not go through some stupid countdown crap, which probably delayed my order by another working day, which means there’s no hope of getting it this side of next Tuesday. Of course the next cheapest cable was over twice the price, so I didn’t bother.

I completed Doom 3 by using the god mode, now I’m working my way through Doom 3 Return Of Evil.