I feel dead rough today, definitely got a cold 🙁

Phil & I are thinking of co-locating a cheap Sun Netra from ebay at Redbus as his ADSL is taking a hammering hosting forums and my VDS costs 350ukp a year and I only have another 5 months on the contract….

I found these hosts which seem pretty good – too good in fact, as most others are 50ukp/month for 100Gb bandwidth and other “hidden” charges, not 38ukp for 500Gb and no charges!

Things to consider I guess are:

  1. how to nicely secure Solaris 10 and keep it up-to-date (no unauthenticated telnet please!)
  2. get enough disk space (I’m currently using 5Gb on my VDS)
  3. how to setup sendmail/apache to host multiple domains, with SSL, forwarders/filters etc.
  4. build a list of software we need – like MySQL, Perl and modules, PHP etc.
  5. figure out backup mechanism (unless we just using RAID mirroring and a duplicate server in France)
  6. domain migration plan
  7. DNS – we can’t host our own primary DNS/MX on the box itself, so maybe use the host or domain registrar’s DNS