I got my kit from ebuyer – they actually gave me free next day courier. So I fitted the northbridge heatsink, the machine is almost silent now without the busted 40mm fan! The new network cards are nice too – they came with WOL cables and low profile blanking plates for fitting in a 2U case.

I also found that ebuyer stock the Buffalo WHR-G54S-1 wifi router, which can take the OpenWRT or DD-WRT firmware, it’s also faster than a Linksys WRT54GL-UK and a third cheaper.

I’ve been playing with my firewall today, I’ve finally got the VPN secured without it interfering with my LAN. I actually used Firewall Builder and tweaked the output to turn off stupid things like forwarding, ICMP etc.

I’m feeling quite a lot better tonight after having some Beechams Cold & Flu, that stuff really is miraculous, I should have got some earlier rather than feeling grotty for a week….. Apparently Jacques has been ill today too 🙁