Still not feeling 100% despite taking the Beechams en masse!

I’ve just watched Miss Potter, about Beatrix Potter’s life, it wasn’t bad, better than Hannibal Rising, which was utter crap.

I had fish’n’chips today, very nice from the local chippie that never seems to be open, I guess the nice weather brought people out as it was packed! I couldn’t eat all the fish, although a bit pricey at a fiver for cod….

I finished Doom 3 RoE, although it was a bit stupid as there’s no way you could survive the Hell level without using god mode. It seemed like it was the bit that they should have tacked onto the end of Doom 3 but were behind schedule or something.

I’ve done three loads of washing today, been doing the whites and towels etc.

The VPN has been very stable today, it’s been up all day in fact and doing a fair speed. I’ve been securing the services on my box – making them only listen on the LAN/localhost interfaces instead of exposing Samba to the world, although it’s double firewalled off anyway 😉