Phil found a bit of a bug in VMWare Solaris 10 guests. It seems the VMXNet driver is has some kind of error with large I/O, which we hope is what’s stopping the Jumpstart from working. VMWare have acknowledged it and every release they say its fixed, well it ain’t in Server 1.0.2

I’ve installed Solaris 10u3 on my laptop, I was quite surprised how well it detected everything – now weird screen issues when running Gnome, no issues with the Synaptic touchpad, no network problems with my Realtek NIC, although I doubt my USB-to-RS232 cable will work. It’s currently copying files from the CD using setup_install_server, don’t you just hate the crappy DVD drives they put in laptops – like 10KB/sec read speed!

When that’s done I’ll run add_install_client and poweron the Netra, stay tuned!

Work wasn’t too busy today, although tomorrow I have a half-day meeting.

Update: yup the jumpstart issue was VMWare, as I’ve just got the netboot to work, although got to redo it using an ISO image as my laptop drive is crap at reading discs.