Phil’s been jumpstarting the Netra, he’s 99% automated everything including add/removing software, patching, setting up RAID, turning off crappy services like rsh, all we’ve got to do is copy our websites across and eventually migrate our domains. It doesn’t look like I’ll be taking it to Redbus this weekend though as the colo people haven’t got back to us yet.

I’ve been scrounging spares from people – ethernet cable, console adaptors, rack screws, IEC leads….

Gotta backup the jumpstart on the laptop now, later on I will ghost the whole Solaris install on the laptop, and we will sync the hard disks in the Netra with the spare from the D130.

On an unrelated note, I finished Call Of Duty 3 already, it seemed like an abrupt ending, no real build-up or “boss” to defeat, not like Wolfenstein where you have to kill the mutated Hitler monster or Doom where you have to kill Satan himself!

Update: looks like I’m going to Redbus Sovereign House for Saturday 4pm to install the server with Bluelinux.