I’m writing this on our freshly-colocated Netra.

Phil and I are busy migrating our websites over, I’ve done the gallery and now my blog, gotta change the DNS over when I’ve done a thorough check.

We’ve got to sort out some routing issues too.

Update: I just bought an AC200 from ebay, so can use that as a development/backup server, as there’s a few things I need compiling (Perl modules etc.) and we don’t want a GNU toolchain on the production server!

My contract is renewed until 29th June apparently, so I will ammend my ferry ticket in the morning. Mum’s coming over a few days before I go over at the end of this month so she can keep me company on the drive, go shopping and see Nanny. Don’t think Mum’s been to England since she visited me in Gloucester, must be a year ago now.

Hmmm, just had leftover donner kebab from last night.