I woke up at 4am this morning, thinking about Nanny for some reason. Anyway, couldn’t get back to sleep really so been yawning all day at work. I’m trying not to have a kip though as I won’t sleep again tonight then.

I got my exhaust box fixed, took it down the road and they had it done after lunch, 45+VAT, so not bad, they even phoned around a bit to get the part cheaper and apparently the front half of the exhaust is fine.

Should have some testing to do at work in the next few days, and probably a couple of bits next week too. I booked my half day and confirmed the couple of weeks I’m having off. I also got rid of the server boxes and packaging in work’s skip.

It snowed a bit today, didn’t settle. It’s been very blowy and cold and a bit rainy too, during which it’s been quite sunny!