We had a couple of flurries of hail today.

We’ve been playing with backing up a new Vista laptop at work today, so Ubuntu can go on it instead! What is weird is how much Vista seems to have ripped off the Linux GUI, except for the four screens you have to navigate through just to shutdown….

I’ve done a bit more packing, it looks like I’ll be taking a suitcase full of clothes I don’t wear (or will wear whilst in France) and my purchases like woks, cutlery etc; Phil’s ebay stuff, a crate of computer bits I won’t need for 3 months and the two Sun servers.

I shall also take my “glovebox travel kit” which consists of two mobile phones, bluetooth headset, GPS, maps on SD cards, car chargers and mains adaptors (for when the car charger dies and I have to charge my French GPS or American mobile on an English ferry!)

I might take my laptop and leave it in France too, I really just use my desktop these days, it’s still running Solaris 10 from the Jumpstart adventures. That will pretty much leave me with PC, monitor, printer, XBox and a suitcase of clothes to take back in June.

Should be plenty of room for Mum and shopping 😉