Yesterday we had hail, rain and sunshine, this morning we had snow, then midday it was quite sunny and hot, tonight it’s a bloody cold wind, but still quite bright…. Global warming my arse 😉

My exhaust seems to make a bit of a noise when I make a tight turn, so I expect as Phil did that they’ve retro-fitted a not quite right part on there, oh well it’s only a noise.

I got my replacement styluses for my GPS, they work a treat, and have a pen and a needle inside, even better though I got a 10ukp discount voucher off my next purchase – although this purchase was only 6ukp! I also got my new DVD+R’s and some empty spindles which are always handy.

Work was quiet as the permies were in a back-patting meeting, I had a bit of work to do though.

Update: very pleased with my new DVD+R’s, not only do they write at 18x, the burns are so reliable that even my Xbox can make an ISO from them!